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The Frontrunner Project

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What is it?

The Frontrunner Project helps businesses and other organizations to become more sustainable in an inspiring and practical way and thus work on a future-proof organization and sustainable products and services. In turn, the Frontrunners make other entrepreneurs enthusiastic and thus pull the peloton along. Together they ensure a strong and future-proof regional economy.

How does it work?

A Frontrunner Group consists of an average of 10 participants. They work together under expert guidance. After a thorough baseline measurement, they draw up a practical sustainability agenda and learn to communicate better about CSR and sustainability. In a number of meetings they learn a lot from each other and inspire each other. We usually conclude with a fascinating Frontrunner event, in which the participants are given a platform and thus also inspire other entrepreneurs.

What are the results?

The Frontrunner Project provides the participants with a great deal of inspiration and awareness about what future-proof entrepreneurship means for their company. In addition, they receive a lot of new knowledge, practical recommendations and tools. The sustainability agenda they are drawing up is a practical action plan for the coming years. This makes sustainable business measurable and a continuous improvement process. They are also expanding their business network considerably. At the end of the project, each participant receives the Frontrunner certificate. In turn, the Frontrunners contribute to the sustainability and strengthening of the regional economy by also encouraging their stakeholders, such as suppliers and employees, to become more sustainable.

The Frontrunners

Over the past 14+ years, already more than 500 companies and other organizations have participated in one of the almost 60 Frontrunner Projects that have been carried out. The focus is on SMEs, but larger companies and other organizations such as municipalities, healthcare institutions, schools and housing corporations also regularly participate.

The Frontrunner Team

The Frontrunner Projects are carried out by Frontrunner Teams in various regions and sectors, consisting of experienced sustainability consultants who are also well aware of the situation in the region of sector. In this way we ensure that the projects are well embedded in the local networks and culture and we keep costs low. The overall coordination is done by Jaap de Vries of DZyzzion, the founder and driving force behind the Frontrunner Projects.

Becoming a Frontrunner

At the moment, the Frontrunner Projects are only being carried out in the Netherlands. If you are interested in getting started with such projects in your country, please contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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